Ancient Corruption -- where to find it


Was chatting with someone and they mentioned needing to get some ancient corruption, I asked them where it was found at and they go I don’t know, am hoping to find out from some others who know.

So, here I am asking because both I and this person want to find some and have no idea where to find it at, even what planets have it and they type of location to look for it.

Is it found only underground, in wet areas, or in the desert area, or what?

Would love to have a idea of what type of environment and if there is a better planet over others, more apt to find it on such and such planet than this one as it never seems to have ay type of help.
Thanks for any help given.


Nova Golda portal network, Norkyna hub, in basement there’s a portal to a farm spot…


LOL shaking head at self Did not even think to look there. Will be, maybe, going today. If back settles down.


Hope you feel better! You know I wouldn’t want to derail a thread of yours, but gotta tell ya, the temptation to reply to this with a wisecrack about the government was just getting too overwhelming… :wink:


yep, Nova Golda and Regen Consortium are two good choices


Be nice to poor nancy and chuck…they have a lot of nuts in their side of the barrel lol