Animation : Player character running and strafing

Hi all,
Here’s a quick peep at the latest character showing the run and strafing moves.


Is it because of the gif quality that it looks a bit choppy?

Hey that’s right.It’ll be a lot smoother in game.


Glad to hear that^^ The movement alone looks great though! I can’t wait to play that character.

Sooooo COOL! The developing of the character is getting pretty fast! With this rhythm the release of the 1st character will be soon, maybe in a month…i guess…i hope…XD

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Well, i think there is a lot of animations to do yet…like swimming, jumping (maybe double jumping should be cool to reach some areas), mining, falling down, stay suspended holding the edge of walls, using tools like pickaxe, sword, …
I’m so excited to buy the game and use this character soon!

“GIF quality” => oxymoron. :smirk:


looks funny XD

true but there are HQ gifs now^^

I like the progress, as far as improving I would imagine the character would be breathing while running.

To have the model breath while it is standing is enough for the animation. But to have breathing sounds while running may be a good decision :wink:

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Yeah, there are “HQ” gifs but they rely on tricks to get more than 256 colors. Personally, I prefer PNGs. It’s too bad the animated PNG format (APNG) never took off.


If I remember correctly (which means I think I reddit somewhere^^) it’s not only more colors but also more fluid animation of the gif if the source was a video.
But yea animated pngs would be really cool. I’m no a big fan of gifs either^^

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