Animation - Tribe character animation tests

Hi all,
We’ve started work on the character animation pipeline and here’s some test moves with a test tribes character mesh.
We’re exploring the animation style whilst creating the initial set of moves.


This actually looks really good, i was a bit worried about how his arms would look when moving, given that it looks so solid like a rock, definately look forward to seeing more of it :slight_smile:

Better animations than I ever made xD But seriously, it looks really good for some first tests.

Oh wow, look at these!
I like the personality in the jump/land a lot. It’s kinda cute :smiley:


So great to finally see things moving!


Tribe character? Is this not a playable race?

~the forward arm swing needs a frame more i think… it’s fluid to the back and kinda snaps to the front.

But still very good job

i think he means that the race is kinda tribish or maybe the race is called tribe (its the feeling i get from watching the armor made in the other thread which kinda have a tribe/maya feel to it) :smile:

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WWOOOOHOOO!!! im loving all of it! cant wait to be a critter instead of a block!

And then we shall rule THE VOXEL WORLD HAHAHAHA


Unless they are calling character races “tribes”
like the Dragon tribe
the Tiger tribe


That was another possibility.

This looks amazing! I was hoping characters would have a more fluid movement and it looks like you guys are doing it. Other games make characters so bulky with how they maneuver and in their gestures and I was hoping Oort would be a bit different. Can’t wait to see more!

Personally I think the hand sizes look a bit exaggerated, but with texture, I’m sure that they will give the models a lot more character.

those characters are midgets. xD the titan will stand no chance

gif #2: gotta go fast…

Looks pretty good; A little movement in the shoulders and I’m happy :cat:


The animations are really great. Good job so far.

I promised myself never to buy early access again, and then i see this game, a few videos and this devlog. It’s great, this is actually art. I am sorry to myself, but i think i need to buy this game :smile:


yepp, in the moment it looks like he has eaten a broom ^^ … But they are still tests, so I’m sure there are more smoother ones coming :wink: