Announcement: Boundless to be published by Square Enix Collective

Jeff dedicated as always :joy:

I’d love to see EA players have some head start time, like a week or whatever. I don’t say I’d be using that time for anything productive, but I guess there are bunch of players that would make good on that.


Heck yeah!!! Do it!!! :smiley:


We’re expecting a decent period of time for those already playing the game now to be able to jump in and start building up some infrastructure, creations, etc - so that when new folks jump in (and especially streamers, media, etc) there should be plenty to help them understand the depth of the game.

Precise details on timings/dates will be shared ahead of time by @james of course.


So glad to hear this, it shows you’ve been involved and understand the game. Though I’m a hermit player by nature, the game would definitely lose some of its lustre without the player-made elements. Part of the wonder of exploring that hooked me in at the start was the discovery of interesting & beautiful things by others. (Portals being up and available also a massive draw). Good stuff! :smiley:


Thanks - I’m a noob compared to some on here, I know, but I’m over the 750-hour mark now, and tried to spend that time doing a bit of everything just so I can understand the player perspective as much as possible.


That’s more than me :rofl: so just to clarify: the intention is for us to build up settlements etc before others join? (So not for everyone to have a fresh start directly at launch with the others from PS4 etc)


This is so exciting @james ! Congrats on the partnership with Collective. Can’t wait to jump in and start fresh again!


I was hoping for more major features before 1.0 but that also means there’s going to be a lot of stuff coming after 1.0 (Titans and vehicles).

Nevertheless, pretty excited to know when my projects are going to stay around after the full wipe. I think during that time I might pick up another Pioneer package while I am at it just in case I need 2 more accounts. :smiley:


I don’t know there’s a specific ‘intention’ - more of a case of, go out with a fresh slate and start doing what you want to do.

I have a feeling that some folks will absolutely start looking to build up settlements, and portal networks, and shops, and community hunts, etc, and I think that will be a good framework for new people to understand the game.


Yeah, my question (I guess phrasing should’ve been better) was more aimed at whether we are starting before people who buy on release day, which I guess we are, and whether these people might feel cheated that we had a head-start.
I think this would depend on how buying the game is going to change. At any point will people be unable to enter early access? Sometimes this happens when a release date is announced and the game goes into a closed beta sort of state where you will get the game on release day.

So long as this doesn’t happen I don’t see any issue with us getting the head-start, but was wondering your thoughts on whether the head-start will be at all contraversial.


Annnnnd negotiations have officially been torpedoed.

If I hadn’t yet started, I wouldn’t mind a head start by early access backers. I’ve experienced it in other games, it’s really only a bit of time isn’t it. Rather than sitting on a pile of coin and blocks from years of play. If anyone really gets their backs up about that it’d feel a bit overstated. Everyone has their perspective though. I’d be happy for new players not to feel behind but selfishly of course I’d like to dive in to the new universe asap. :slight_smile:


That is awesome guys!

I was really worried about that part (advertisment, marketing, …) as it would have been really sad to have Boundless not known in a big scale and worldwide, as it deserves… this is a really good surprise!

a big THANK YOU to all the parts ivolved in this agreement!

Per aspera ad astra!


Fantastic, we will wait with illusion. We would also like to have access to the set of current planets and the worlds that we played in 2015, I think you said that we could download for the editor of worlds, many thanks and much encouragement to all of you, I will always support this game.
I have played this game for 3 years and a total of 4666 hours. :smile:


Oh ya excited can’t wait to dig in to the new planets. I started playing on 9-5-2017 and have not stop playing it.(can’t stop playing it)have 3269 hr’s in less then 10 months. :slight_smile:


Are we going to get some new planets with the next major EA patch?


wow this is huge news!

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The kind of person that would be bent out of shape that the early backers with thousands of hours of labor helping the dev’s refine the game their about to play, had a small early start, is the kind of person that would be cancerous to the community overall anyway. That selfish attitude bleeds into every other aspect of the game and their lives.
So honestly let them not like it lol.

as for the announcement now that fat Americans, (me) woke up and turned on the game to see this EPIC shocking announcement, YAY! , Congrats!

With the right marketing this game really can become bigger than Minecraft. So I hope you guys are preparing for that grand of an idea. The type of servers to buy, the manpower to handle that kind of load etc. But Minecraft didn’t just get big on it’s own. It marketed everything it could at first. Then it blew up. I feel Boundless has way more potential than that.




Next stop: 1.0!!!


Basically you just gave us 6 months or less notice, so you’re good.

-This will be hugely important to us ALL, if we want the polish and balance correctly for 1.0. It would be a huge mistake if that balance wasn’t done and 1.0 came and the new players were to scream this game sux! I encourage all of us to stay dedicated. It’s almost here. Lets make sure we help feedback what we find.

@james @philelliott the sooner we have these last couple features the more feedback we can give you and the more time you can have to polish it. To the point that it might be awesome to rush the new skill tree and let us start on our testing. We “your testers” know it’s not polished yet, so it’s okay to push it. Maybe even skip the test server and just throw it in live. I mean pre1.0 it is already a test server.

Also, don’t forget about our preordered Totems that visually will SCREAM “I’m an Early Backer”. I want full bragging rights when I whip that baby out. Maybe they should glow to.