Announcement: Boundless to be published by Square Enix Collective


… choo choo chuga chuga chuga choo choo! :train2:


This is good news! I like the idea of giving us early backers a headstart when we reach 1.0 and our current worlds are wiped. I will probably miss my old builds, but i lost so many stuff in minecraft when multiplayer servers went down. I will survive. :slightly_smiling_face:

I do like the idea of bringing over tools in our inventories when we go 1.0. But i do expect we have to start skilling up from the start so it will probablly be a fresh start. Maybe thats better. We all do know how the game works, so i expect we will have a nice bunch of builds ready when the newbro’s come in. :wink:


@james will the compass be fixed before launch? i personally don’t think the game is ready until then XD


The is good news indeed! @james The only question I really have is for the people with the Master package for creating planets. Will we be contacted eventually to be able to discuss what each of us wants for a planet?


I think that’s the purpose of polish, so I would say definitely! :smiley:
Now is the time for giving them detailed, thorough explanations of how we want things to look and work!
I’m SO excited!! :star_struck: :boundless:


interesting times ahead…can’t wait to build something that will have some relative permanence
In meantime will enjoy carrying on experimenting…still fun :slight_smile:


Can I pay an extra 10-20 dollars to get in 1-week early too?


I figured that meant 1 wk prior to release but following early access players a couple of weeks earlier.


Why no xbox support? Is that more of a money/partner thing on a business level? All of my friends have an xbox one. Those that do have, have not a lot of interest in a pc. They think they have one with the One.


we are going to join the pre launch process and then the pres comes in 1 week before release


Nice work guys !!
Keep it comming im ready for 1.0
Can’t wait to start :grinning:


lol i read it like that too at first… but:


Edit: oops guess virresss beat me to it hehe


best news ever so excited i probably not sleep until launch ahahahah
any chance on some decor items prelaunch our are they postponed
just asking :smile:

started the planning :smile: also @james if nobody asked yet we got room for a dev build :smile:

also i heard before that there was an idea to add ruins to new planets off our old builds :smile: i wonna see someone find a section off aquatopia on bottom off a ocean somewhere would be great add some sponge around it for @Zina to find it lolz


Will we get at least the melee weapons before 1.0? … would be bad to leave just with 2 weapon options (Slingshots and bombs)


Unfortunately I doubt we’ll get Lances before 1.0. James clearly said the Centraforge and new Skill Tree are what we get before 1.0 and the rest is just balancing and polishing up the game for the game’s launch date.

There’s a lot of things that need to be worked out for with Lances. The Centraforge Boons, Quirks, and Defects for starters along with recipes, stat balancing, and any unique base attributes the weapon will have from the materials it is made out of if they get any at all. This also means there might need to be another balance and tweaking pass on creatures to make PvE more engaging cause right now the only things you can hit during Meteor Hunts are hoppers, wildstock, and spitters. There’s just a lot that would go into adding them into the game before 1.0 if they plan on launching in 6 months (around December).

Another thing to consider is they plan on having the launch event ready several weeks before that (roughly around the Fall time frame) for all of us to populate worlds with stuff. That means there’s even less time for Lances to be brought into the game. Then knowing that there’s less time for proper testing time too.

I want them just as much as you and everyone else. Just gotta be patient my dude! :slight_smile:


I’ve been rooting for Boundless to have the chance to go big - it’s absolutely awesome to hear that it now has a publisher that can help it accomplish greatness. Well done, Wonderstuck!


I know this might get lost here and i am not sure if its the right place but ill give it a go :D. Obviously we’ve all been aware of the wipe right when we started but now that i have 500+ hours in the game, i’d hate to see it all go xD - I am sure many people can relate to this. I do understand the reasons the devs want a fresh start and i agree with them on that - no hard feelings or anything <3. Just an idea though, why not link the current worlds to the new ones like 3-6 months after the release? By that time, the new worlds would’ve been up and running and our current worlds wouldn’t provide much of an advantage anyway? This way we don’t lose progress and we don’t get much of a headstart over the new players - win win situation? Edit: Also a percentage of wealth cut might be useful in this case too. Maybe a different percentage for each range.


Just really want to know more details about rented servers :pray:


I took a break from the game a couple updates ago but have been really looking forward to coming back. This is AWESOME NEWS!!! I can’t wait to hop back in and I think I’ll start streaming the game perhaps putting some YouTube videos up prior to release as well if for no other reason than selfishly wanting to be in the game a week early ;). Great work, Wonderstruck!



Check this out :slight_smile: