Announcement: Boundless to be published by Square Enix Collective


This is super exciting! Well done everyone at Wonderstruck!

One question… Titans?


I’m both happy and sad all at the same time with this news … Happy at the prospect of all the new planets and updates etc to come with 0.1 but also sad at the thought of losing everything almost 10 months of playing has accomplished. Starting a character from scratch with virtually everyone else will be a bit of a shock to the system … no portals, no shops, no towns …All gone … it’s going to be interesting and a lot of fun and probably a bit of a grind to begin with … I really hope I can find some good chunks of time to jump right in and make the most of it :laughing: …I also really want to finish a big wolf head sculpture I’m making out of iron at my base. Just something to leave behind for posterity if the current world’s do get archived :slight_smile:


post 1.0 sadly. it was stated on their trello. it has been in the post 1.0 category for some time now.
it makes sense to me though because nobody will be ready enough for titans right at 1.0, everyone is starting from scratch. also they will not be soloable, so even if someone grinds hard enough its still not even possible, so it’s probably not worth the development time right before full release especially when they have so much polishing up to do.
I have faith in them, Boundless is already such an awesome game, they will continue making it awesome long past 1.0 :slight_smile:


we need a new song video :slight_smile:


Sounds like a plan :wink:


I’m actually really looking forward to starting fresh with everyone else. I’ve done the same thing in other games such as Wurm Online and it’s really an experience you rarely get to experience if at all. In this game, it will likely only ever happen once so I say embrace that newbism and grind while it lasts as you may never experience it again. :wink:


Very good news and in the right time (a kind of sorcery) . Now I can bring more friends to this amazing game.


My thoughts exactly! It’s hard to find a game that you can just seriously sink thousands of hours into and not feel guilty at all. Very few games do that for me. I am sure you can relate to that.

Cheers to a ton of more years of fun in Boundless! :beers::beers::beers:


I started playing on 5 Jully 2015, … you… 3.3k hrs. in 10 months… ummm Dune relax !!! :smiley:


I would say do not show titans in the new video footage. Unless it clearly says in giant words “Future Project”.

The public reviews eat games up when there isn’t available the things in the previews. I can quote a lot of games that made that mistake. No Man’s Sky is one of the biggest offenders.


So… this means no more races before 1.0? Man this is a major disappointment. I sure hope this publicity helps you grow bigger and get those updates pumped out a bit faster but getting another slap in the face wasn’t what i was hoping for. I sure hope races are on the post-launch roadmap.


Must build must hunt must mine must play this awesome game :heart_eyes:


Ohh boys and girls it is hard to wait ;D now we can get ffxiv in boundless style xD just a joke but man so awesome!!


Hehe, no cross-overs planned, I’m afraid :slight_smile:

There is a big Collective logo that’s been built into Therka Market for the past 4 months, however, that nobody spotted… so don’t blame me that there wasn’t a clue there (even if it was MASSIVELY oblique).

Can you find it??


Found it =D


Well now you know it’s there…

Maybe this should be a regular feature, actually. The devs hide a clue to what’s coming in the next announcement somewhere on a world…

I think some of the interpretations could be brilliant!


2D? pfff!?

If it’s not 3D, made from exotic materials, a range of tints, chiselled extensively, visible from another planet, contains a mind bending portal maze and somehow aligns the sun and planet orbits, then I’m simply not interested… :hammer_and_pick:

This is Boundless.


This feels like a challenge!!

Logo face-off! :rofl:


As someone who has been playing this game since its infancy, (March 2015) I cannot wait to see it finally released! Congrats and it will be awesome to see all the new stuff you have planned before and after release! I hope Boundless keep evolving and growing for many years to come :peace_symbol::purple_heart::boundless:


Hey @james! Thank you for all of your hard work! I’m truly excited to see the world wipe in full affect. I know a couple of my friends told me to let them know when the 1.0 update was going to drop, and it certainly is nice to know that it’ll be sooner than later! I saw no mention of it here so I just wanted to ask, will the 1.0 release include the PS4 version as well? Or will there be a beta release for that version of the game?