Announcement: Boundless to be published by Square Enix Collective


Well said @james ,
here is The Unfamous Secret Moth Allignment

to see it you must allign the pavement with a roof, standing in a specific spot on top of the building in a rainy day, after spininng on yourself with your eyes closed for 8 times, while being drunk.


I think you need to rebuild everything, its need to be Child-friendly, and can’t have everyone drunk all the time XD


With railings don’t forget the railings. . Safety First.



I was obviously meaning drunk of… happiness! :unicorn: :rainbow: :sunny:


I believe you mean the EA pitchforks?


Titanium Pitchforks


Greater Titanium Pitchfork Of Sensible Sobriety


yes please!!! My Precious!!!



Equals This?!




guess i need to go get drunk on :rainbow: :unicorn: :dog:


That place is super cool. I was exploring it yesterday. :clap: :clap: :clamp: :clap:


So my question for the devs regarding offical 1.0 release. Will we have access to water and lava buckets? I know there are a number of people hoping and wishing for the use of source blocks. So i figured i would ask… cuze im one of them


CAN"T WAIT. I’ve been wanting this game since oort online. I’m happy to hear we might actually get to see it come out.


Thank God you didn’t sign with EA <3


I think that’s something completely different. The current Collective logo is the second of the two you pictured, and I made a 2D version a while ago in the floor of one of my beacons in Therka Market.

But I’m looking forward to @james showing me how it’s really done and making an awesome 3D version, with chisels and tints and skillz oh my!


Hype train boarded, ready to finally see this game (sorry, not sorry), crush Minecraft. This community will do nothing but grow from here.

@philelliott nice to meet you, hopefully I’ll see you in game some time.


Ok that makes more since… guess i should go have a look for myself ^^

Also, in hindsight, i realized my comment could be interpreted as harsh and critical, which was not its intended effect.

I apologize if that is how it came across :peace_symbol:


Great news.
Will we still see some of Jess and Minyi’s decorative assets in the game before 1.0? I have been really looking forward to decorating builds and making them feel more lived in.
Here’s to the future!



Hey, dears @james and @philelliott

Awesome news!

And it’s already translated

But this notification raises new doubts. What about Sony? I can’t found confirmation right now but I perceived you will publish Boundless at PlayStation by yourself. What it mean and why Sony will not publish PS4-exclusive game?

Localisation question is very important for our local community.

As I see only one of Square Enix Collective projects was translated to russian language: Black the Fall. All others — including The Turing Test, Battalion 1944 and Forgotton Anne were not. Tell me please, how do you plan to localisate Boundless?

We working on localisation of brother’s font with cyrillic letters and on translating game entries from english.json. But that work are progress very slow. Do we need to stop and wait for official localisation or to speed up and continue to finish fan’s translation? Could we affect to choosing of localisator group or anything other?

I spoke about translation with @faelan (in that weeks when he was with us) and with @luke-turbulenz, but Luke then told me only next:

Could you lift the veil of secrecy what we might to expect? :boundless:


All good questions, most of which I think will be answered pretty soon anyway, but overall what I would say is that on the Collective side we don’t approach games with a template mentality - so what we did for one game isn’t really a indication of we would do for every game.

Besides, the way we work ensures that Wonderstruck are still the IP owner and retain full creative rights, so conversations such as localisation are never decisions that we would make, but the result of discussions between us. We’ll get to specifics, such as fan localisation, in time.


I ask this because I translate news about Boundless for three years and have some translation solutions after all that time. I want not to have that lost.

And I never shall get tired to warn everybody from collaboration with Group :innocent: