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I am all for a full world wipe, but I am curious if it will wipe our characters and/or inventories as well. Personally, I would be happy with losing structures and even inventories, but I would prefer not to lose my characters and levels, though I wouldn’t be upset if that needs to go as well. It would certainly help the community re-establish the economy in time for the new players coming in at the release if many of the people are able to start filling those roles in a somewhat timely manner. Previously, the economy evolved slowly as the need for one gradually evolved, so the features became utilized quicker, but I can personally attest to how great the new player experience for me as a hunter has been these past few days when there is the Portal Seeker’s daily group hunt they do for example, as well as all the shops I can sell my goods to. Allowing us to retain our characters levels make it both easier for old players to get to the parts of the game they play for, as well as making it so in the weeks before the 1.0 release drops, there is enough time to get some good stuff for the new players ready.

Also I really like my no-durability-loss-on-death perks, and I’ll admit that this is largely coming from that.


It’s gonna be a completely fresh start, so all progress will be removed.


no point in keeping any inventory and what not - wipe is there so the 1.0 fresh start can be simulated, tested towards balance etc. we need to test that moment when all players are new and have nothing and how fast we all level up and learn to leave the home planet and get to building portals and so on


Due to the balance requirement of moving into full production of 1.0 we need a complete fresh start. Otherwise there is no way to tell if people are moving to 50 too fast or if there are other issues, etc.


Many of us have played all along as just practicing. We have been told all along we will have a complete fresh start. So, a ton of effort has not gone into making permanent things, coin has been spent knowing we don’t keep anything, etc. and our characters have been skilled with them being temporary in mind too. If we had been told we would keep anything we would have played differently. With a head start over the general public of a few weeks, we will be way ahead of them as it is. I’m glad to see how well practice has paid off and start with everyone at level one with no possessions or coin and whatever new names of characters we choose. This is what I have been waiting for since I started.

I have recently twice deleted characters just so I could start fresh and see what has changed about being a beginner. Within a week I was above level 20 even playing three characters to get the bonuses every day. I never even bothered going above stone tools and did that. If anything, leveling is too easy and too fast. I never had the time to even build more than a floor to put storage and machines on. lol


Dear @james, please answer.


The game will initially be translated into (English), French, Italian, German and Spanish.

We’ll possibly do more languages officially after launch - but they’re not currently in development.

Lenguages at launch
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And do you have no plans who will make other translations?
Well, I think we need to speed up. Shall try to do it.

Thank you for answer! :blush:


So hate to be “that” guy, are you looking at a november/december release?


Don’t be ashamed, we were all thinking the same thing.


@james I know we wont keep our lvls ofc but will we have to recreat our account names at pre-launch or will they transfer to the new servers / worlds it would be nice to know or do you guys have other plans for that?


As long as you have the Explorer package or higher your username is reserved.


Yea I know it says that but that deskription on the packs where made before we could make 3 characters, so I were wondering if we get to keep all 3 usernames


So no protectors or titans for launch? I was hoping we’d have some type of major threats at least for 1.0


I think they will be in the launch they just are being kept secret, at least the Titans will be, not sure about protectors.


“Post-1.0” apparently


I would just say no don’t expect them. Usually when people think there is a secret, that thought blossoms into the minds of others and then everyone kind of expects it on release.


That’s an official nope, I’m afraid


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