Announcing our Winter Event - Merry Oortmas, coming December 18th!


Heh. Idea: have snowballs debuff hoppers (“freeze”)—causing them to not explode for the duration, but also become immune to damage

…so we can play some intense hopperball matches!

(…and somehow make it not griefable)


Can I beg you for an extra week on this?

I’m traveling for the holidays and will miss almost the entire event : (



Maybe they turn your energy bar into a candy cane themed one.


Pretty excited! I honestly was hoping for a snow ball fight (granted I was thinking pvp snow ball fighting, which still sounds possible :smile:)


Okay, this is neat.


This is actually really cool content. Thanks for this @james


Ho-ho-oh my god this is going to be amazing! Really good work on making the Holiday Season as good in-game as it will be irl! :santa:

Exclusive Wearables + Exclusive Items + a Hunting event that everyone can participate in = The devs are smashing it :+1:

PS. Creatures in Santa Hats :raised_hands:


Awesome. Sounds like a great event. Only downside is we have to wait a few weeks!

Really hope the snowballs collide with other characters too and not go through them. Theres a lot of people i would like to spread some xmas cheer on!


Oh My ! Sounds like so much fun, looking forward to it all. And for all level of players, that makes it extra great!


The beard is a mask


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