Another city theme idea!

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Remember my idea for a sorta Bioshock-themed city (It proved to be too painstaking)? I recently had another idea for a city (This time on the actual ground). This time its Blade Runner based.

The Tyrell Building would be an example of a building that can be found in Blade Runner

Would any of y’all want to build a city like this?

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Im up for any community build :wink:

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Yikes. That would also take many years to develop with proper detail.

Love to see these kinda massive planet builds show up on creative world’s.

The amount of plots these could take on public/sovereign would be insane.

I think I actually saw someone build something like that, a year or so ago.

Can’t at all remember where, but I think it’s the build in the default steam game library header?

It doesnt have to be THAT detailed

Why not? With the right chisels it is not that hard.


@Mittekemuis how much to commission a Spanish Galion in EZPZ harbor on Maryx?

send me a PM :smiley:
I don’t have time at the minute but I can give you an estimate on how many plots, materials and money you will need

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Sorry I didn’t finish my thought yesterday then forgot all about it. Are you planning on getting a creative world if you do this?

My goal from day 1 in my original city was to let anyone and everyone plot and build to expand the city and I was just going to be a skyscraper architect for the most part. But people come and go and at certain points you lose whole portions of the city. I would recommend plotting everything yourself or limit it to a few people you are sure will stick around, then let others build inside. Maybe plot some outer sections with an alt to create a new beacon for people you don’t know well enough to give perms to the whole thing.

I have more skyscraper ideas than time to build them, but some would work beautifully for dystopian cities. There may come a time that I’ll want to join you.

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