Another way to get gleam club

For us mac users, tho we may be few, it would be great if there was another way to purchase gleam club, or any other Shop items, other than using steam overlay because it does not work. My gleam club ran out and I can’t renew it due to this issue so I’ll have to go to each individual beacon across the universe and fuel them manually.


Steam isn’t supported with mac? That sounds like it would be worth a support ticket with steam.

So just curious how you did get the gleam club. In first place?

It worked after trying for a couple days. But hasn’t worked since.

It’s just in Boundless that it’s not working.

It’ll either say “cancelled. Purchase was not approved” when I click “purchase now” or it just holds up at “use steam overlay to approve purchase”. I have money on my steam account. This is the issue I’m running into

Try emailing

i dont like Steam Overlay, its way too buggy

Dear Monumental, can you just implement direct payment at your service inside game? click buy gasmeclub, pay via CC, gleamclub extended :smiley:

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The issue with that is steam will still want their store cut, a lot of platforms get very upset and have taken companies to court for moving purchases into the game and not still going through their store system.

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Hard for them to get a cut of $0 when the overlay doesn’t work for Mac users. I’ll just have to deal I guess. Fueling 10-20 beacons isn’t toooooo aggravating :roll_eyes:

TBH I’m surprised the game even runs on Mac or linux. Other OS’s don’t get as much support in gaming, and I feel like they should get more support for sure. I’d still submit a support ticket with steam, and moumental though, it could be just some outdated code in boundless that doesn’t play nice with the more up to date steam platform. It might be a simple fix, and I know moumental has moved a dev to fix a game breaking thing at least once before while still in the purchase phase of this whole thing.

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Sounds like a support ticket:


Steampage does show that Mac OS is supported as long as you are using High Sierra 10.13 and above.

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@Tiggs is there a way to gift someone gleam club?

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(That’s a question for support)

Please Contact Support

^^^ This would be Tiggs-chan response :joy::joy:

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