AntarVI offline? [solved]

Keep getting disconnected on antar frustrating to build friend to
Checked my connection. And restart the game now I can’t even start up

Lol stuck in start screen because my alt is still on antarVI. “Try again in several minutes”

Yeah, I can’t get onto Antar VI either.

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To off my friends are waiting before an antar Portal ^^ atm

looks like I escaped just in time! now I’ll have to live in my shop for a while or something


Ill try a little later again but aslong as my alt is stuck I can’t play

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That answers that question ^^

it’s online now

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Lol just type any thing…^^

So why can’t i login then^^

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maybe it was just for a few sec then

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Think so to ^^ lol
No biggie :wink:

No update on when it will be back online?

Should tag devs on something like this

@james @vdragon @lucadeltodecso


Ill remember that for next time :wink:

Can’t wait to go back to work😉
Is it back online?

still nothing

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