Anterograde Amnesia or Game Over at Level 50

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We already kind of have it with feats. But all you get is some XP and coin.

What feats really equate to is practise so all you’d need (famous last words) is to expand them into character development. Haven’t thought this through yet, but it feels like a worthy exercise.


Yeah I guess there kinda is a baseline to work with, still need serious changing at the character end though, food for thought…


I’m not sure how to link a post, but I did address this in the What Turns You off Boundless thread. Check it out, deary. =D
Hope I made some decent points without letting my lack of sleep show.


I would like to see some more depth to the game as well, but it is a great game so far. Changes/additions are welcome and certainly expected over the coming years. I don’t see any reason to worry. There’s a few kinks to work out still sure, but that’s part of what is being worked on. I personally have also enjoyed being over level 50 and am excited to start using my new topaz and sapphire advanced coils. My first slot is a miner, second will be hunter/gatherer, and third is my crafter. I plan to specialize as a crafter and never start another character, which I would find tedious and weird.


I know the feeling :smile: Why do I need at appear as more than one player? I’m only one person.

Specialisations that are levelled in line with feats would also get past the problem we now have - that at best a character can only do one thing.

If you smash a lot of rocks and bake a lot of pie, then you’ll end up being a first class miner and chef. This should allow much longer term players to become proficient with a few specialities in line with their play style and potentially even allow the really hard core OCD players to grind out every little detail - which may take years.

Regardless, you’re continuously rewarded for playing your way.


OK Started a new character. I can’t adequately express the disappointment.

Starting again from scratch is a pretty serious punishment to leverage on players. It’s not like I WANT to start a new game - I’m forced to if I want to experience Boundless to it’s fullest… and I do.

I got back to my settlement, but of course I have no access to anything - I’m a stranger to my real characters game. I see mentioned elsewhere in the forum that alternate characters should automatically be friends with your real character - this doesn’t appear to be so. Do I need to do something to make them friends?


On your beacons they will automatically appear so you have to enable permissions with your character that owns the beacons after that all works as normal


Also first bit of the tutorial then visiting every planet should get you up around level 8.
The best thing to do is check all the initial tasks then switch to your main set up a storage cabinet full of the stuff you need and you can honestly level up pretty quick.
Plus mass craft stones


50 tables got me up to level 20 something

Final tip stick the new alt as your crafter if you are crafting and cooking food a lot then they level up super fast


Best way I’ve found to get alts past the toddler stage is with decorative blocks and stone chisels. Place the blocks in a friendly beacon, chisel them, easy levels. Then have your miner come thru and pick up all your toddler’s “toys” to put them away.


Thanks for the advice. Yeah, he is in the beacon permissions list, just not my friends list. Should have looked further before polluting the forum.

Thanks again.


We are all here to help. You aren’t polluting, glad to have helped


I was lost for like the first couple weeks. Wish I had played early access.