Anti-Earth Day

I know this is a big ask, but do you think there would be a way or an event in which for an hour we would have a way to terraform land in a monstrous way? In theory, 1 hour of mega destruction of our worlds for terraforming, a sort of anti-earth day, more pro-industrial age? A boosted shovel or pickaxe with increased movement speed. I know Rockefeller and Carnegie didn’t transform the United States in 1 hour, but just for a moment, let me live that dream.

Maybe host an event with pictures of before and afters?

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I’m assuming that, like the pickaxe, all tools will be upgradeable to destroy at even faster rates. And I know there was an old thread about dynamite and things like that for real destruction.

Yes, a holiday or sorts that we mine everything at the Dirt vs. Shovel rate. Something that would allow a crazy terraforming contest of sorts. In one of the threads someone had posted before and after pictures of a mountain when they used the new pickaxe. I thought why not make it a little event to see if we can make sweet designs in mountains without needing to spend hours up hours.

You guys do know that this could work in the griefers’ favor. :unamused:
How easy do you think it would be to completely level a town with this sort of power? :grimacing:

ehh i didnt want to butt in but i would like to mention the biggest thing: the world regeneration. so it wouldnt really change anything other than allowing people to power farm materials.

but yes, this would be something that is heavily griefing favored.

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Maybe… We could ehhh request a beacon so we would not have regeneration issues and or griefting.

then just get the beacon and do it in hand, if you want to make something drastical. use the time for it :smile:

Imagine the world regeneration sped up. Voxels keep ‘raining’ down instead of slowly descending.
Although I think Voxels could also just appear in a way that they get visible from nothing to massive in the predetermined space. #preach

instead of wasting time with something like that they should simply contiune working on the game. Its still in pre alpha and i think there is no time for something like events.

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HEY guys how ya been hope you dont mind me jumping in and throwing my thoughts in lol

SOOOO as for the idea. I dont think its all that bad might actually be kind of useful and kind of neat maybe even a blast when your bored.

As for it being beneficial to greifers well kind of yea lol, but on the other had before this is even added we will be able to make our own beacons so greifers cant hurt anyone’s stuff that way and also anything out of beacons will regenerate so its really no big deal for the most parts.

it could be like

Production Mondays
Destruction Tuesdays XD
Wednesdays are Wednesday
No love Thursdays
Dont know Fridays
Double drop Saturday XD
Suicide Sundays were everything wants to kill you with a passion
and so on

Days in which players get boosts on some days that way the events are less magical and more like Mondays just a good day to get some crafting done and Tuesday well lets flatten some land to build something on it.

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