Any active guilds with buffs?

Hi are there any active guilds with buffs like builder etc? I’d play more often in a community environment but both the guilds I was in Portal Seekers and Brown Town are innactive.

I think @HOST has a guild that is active with various buffs.


correct! i got builders buff level 3, spark and wear level 3, and grapple and run level 2
i just recently re-activated the buffs, but if more people need that kind of guild buffs I’m willing to re-activate it again


Vikings are active with level 3 buffs. Many active players to play with as well.


Oortbusters is always looking to recruit

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Hi Morkaen!

GTG had some of the best buffs I’ve seen in game, they have currently active level three buffs for builds and level three buffs for crafters, if you have an Alt you won’t need to pick and choose what buffs you might want :wink:

Trust me… that no fall damage buff is the best thing in the game hands down….


When you join multie guilds do the buff all stacks up ?

I think you only get the benefit of the guild which is your active guild.

Reviving this thread to ask about active guilds. I’m looking to play a little bit more soon and need some buffs! Can help with coin, etc.

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hey, bud!

still going strong here, and the same buffs, I’m about to renew it so if you like these buffs, feel free to join
no need for coins or anything :slight_smile:
i’m just happy to help!

Where can I find your guild book?

its at raxxa, if your online i can take you there

edit its bedtime soon here…

you can access guild book on THE FUTURE access point see screenshot
dubbel friss access is from raxxa (raxian sanctuary) its a big portal called THE FUTURE OF FARMS

Ok awesome. I’ll find my way there tonight or tomorrow! Thanks.

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If you can asap🤞 due to others waiting for the buffs to be reactivated

And your welcome :slightly_smiling_face:

Doing so right now. I’m in Raxxian Sanc atm.

Got it done and made it primary!

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awesome! :+1: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: