Any Aussies wanna play this game with me?


lvl 3 solo meteorites is just fine for loot and coins

make sure you get your armor maxed - both kinetic and impulse, and add protection epic to triple it; it will make you almost impenetrable on lvl 3 world (only bonus damage creatures and elemental creatures can cause you trouble then; and of course wildstock if they headbutt you into a deep hole or something)

with full armor you only really have to watch for corrosive mobs, they can take your armor off temporarily

it’s better to be fully armored ahead of maxing vitality when you are low/mid level - makes life easier


I feel like I should say hi, I’m the other Lutrion loner with the giant bridge west of Ashenvale. I’ll have to drop by and see what you’ve built some time soon.


Oh wow! HI dude!! I’ve always wondered who the 2nd person was… and yet too afraid to seek him out just in case he was as crazy as I was due to the isolation!!! haha. Absolutely stop by, there’s a portal to me in Ashenvale or the Hubbit Hub right next door!


Cool I’ll check it Weds night, work and girlfriend make it impossible for me to play daily unfortunately, but that might be good else my bridge city would circle the world.


Hahah, yes bloody adulthood things keep getting in the way of me and my dreams. That and my childlike knack of procrastinating getting easily distracted by one after another “great” idea or just shiny things.


Lol yep there isn’t a single plot in Keats that is actually ‘finished’, when something is 90% done I usually start the next project and slowly chip away at all the missing bits when I remember them.


That is basically how I end up building/procrastinating too. Especially if the last bit remaining is a repetitive bit of chiseling I’ve already done to death then I seem to favor doing it in small bite sized pieces to finish off, haha.

So Keats? From the Hyperion Cantos?


Damn right, Dan Simmons is a legend!


Yeah dude, probably the best series I’ve ever read. And read a few times again over the years.


As requested by OP.