Any exos?

I know I’ve said a few times now. Haven’t made a post for it tho.

But I think we should be able to pay for an exo to be up. Like $5 for a random exo spawn. We don’t get to pick anything about it tho. All the same rules apply to it as other exos. So it’s only up for 4 days(or whatever the standard is) as well. And there can only be 3 active exos at a time unless they launch one as well. So 3 bought by the community.


I think paying for Exos to spawn tries to solve a problem that should not need to be solved. T7 Exos exist for a reason. We need resources from them. There is should not be a huge question of when is the next Umbris Exo going to spawn. It should be every ~3 weeks or some relatively set interval. Too many resource Exos will dilute the pool of their resources and make Exo resources stop being special. Why use a diamond/ruby hammer when Rift is in abundance?

As for the “special” Exos that kind of make Exos stand out and be Exoworlds (assuming the devs plan to make Color-Cycling Exos and other new “special type” Exos a more regular thing), they should be unknown intervals and be a surprise when they can spawn. If someone can pay for them, that destroys them being special.


I mean t7 isn’t the only one. Goo resin etc spawns on the others too. T7 only has lucent that is exclusive. Also the energy drain is too high on lucent to even make the tools worth while on using unless it’s for single seam clear up which can already be done and for grapples. Which are already pretty easy to find. It’s just a matter of being able to afford the cost of them as the forge ingredients is high that makes them costly.

Maybe exos are being worked on, some update involving them and they have to be offline for a bit.


How long has it been since there been one? Was trying to get the coin machine up and running. Only coils to buy where way to expensive

14 days since the color cycling one went out. 25 and 26 days since our last T6/T7 worlds.


Ok, my usual silliness and all aside, to be serious for a minute here - it would be great to get some info here, as TBH I’m starting to genuinely worry here. Like, is everything ok there?

I would also totally, totally be on board to sponsor some exos if that were an option. :slight_smile: Even if the price point were $50-100, I’d do one right now for you all if I could and be happy to do it.


from the devs standpoint ( never being one) i can completely understand why exo may be less frequent or literally no longer exist. they realized why should we invest dev time making planets, when costumers can make what they truly want. i imagine there will be an update to creatives/sovereign to add exo crops later.

imo this is not something to complain about it should be celebrated. i havent seen this kind of user freedom in any game ever.

if this is the case u need to turn every exo crop over to yield seed. starting now. ^^

I’m not sure this can happen, as it could create the situation where you have to pay to get what are currently exo crops and blocks.

What if everyone make their sovereign private, that means there are crafting ingredients (not just colours) that are not available at all without paying real money.

I think most people are OK with cosmetics costing real money (colours arguably fall into that catagory), but not OK with crafting ingredients.

If there was at least one each of blink, rift and umbris planet permanently available, then I think it would be fine to add those to sovereigns.


Exo planets and player rental planets serve two very different purposes.

Exo planets were introduced along with new items & are a large chunk of content for the game now. It allows them to experiment with special planets too, like the recent color-changing one. Several times, there have been long droughts with no Exos or no T7 Exos.

People are renting planets to have their own personal space for building, guilds, control of certain aspects, etc. Just like clubs/guilds/land/etc in any other similar game.

One type of content should not suddenly negate the other without reason/explanation.

We can only speculate as to why the drought is happening. At least once previously, it was due to other content/updates that they were working on.


T7’s used to be a feature of the game; why have they been removed and which patch did this?


They aren’t removed. They just aren’t spawning because the devs are too busy to trigger one due to working on baldurs 3 from what has been speculated

Well, update in the works, so maybe exos back soon? :grin: :crossed_fingers:


It is quite a-typical to be absent for such a long period. I start to believe it is really the end of this Boundless chapter. I just can’t see why lack of dev time is a reason to stop exo-generation; I considered it an automated and quite randomized process.

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I was going to post something about transparency related to this earlier, but then didn’t because I felt it wasn’t constructive. I think you’re right 100% though. We knew from day 1 that EXO’s would be used as test servers essentially and the fact that we had an EXO with block changing really should have piqued a lot more interest than it did as to what might be coming in the next test update.

Who thought we’d actually be getting changing blocks any time soon, until we got surprised with that exo? The lack of transparency makes for fantastic surprises but it also makes for a lot of mongering of various types. I think if we’re fans of this game at this point still, we just have to acknowledge that you need to enjoy what we have and be delighted with surprised and if things get blah then there are hundreds of other games to enjoy in the meantime until something happens to bring you back.


What does this word mean? I’ve never heard this before…

Clarity decided to take 2020 off as the pressure from events worldwide was becoming just too much.
Expected back in 2021.
Pretty please with a cherry on top…

oh, some exo as well, ta.


Weekend T7 exo? :pleading_face: Pretty pretty please, with Starberries on top? :cherries: :cherries: :cherries: In exo withdrawal, big sad!! :disappointed_relieved: :sob: :tired_face: :persevere:

… Hey, this tactic worked pretty well on my parents when I was a kid, persistently bug the heck out of them til they caved. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Pretty please, yes!

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What’s an exo?

Ohhhh the things that got shelved to allow baldurs gate development.

Good job I stacked up on goo and lucents lol

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