Any exos?

Are there any exos active right now?

Nope…No Kindling Mass for so many weeks.No blink. No rift. No ubris. :sleepy:

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No white rock :sob:


Werent exos canceled after release of sovereigns? :rofl:


How do I get more goo?

Will goo be added to high end sovereigns?

I am running low for my goo farm

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What colours you need?

Any goo colors really. Go through several 10,000s everytime I plant.

It gets hard without new exos.

I have a request basket up, but I realized I wasnt getting any and figured it was because of no exos.

You’re on Angel1 right?? What is you’re portal name? I horde lots of things… goo included. I’ll drop some in your baskets when I get on later tonight.

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Yeah, angel 1. Portal is called the artisan. I have it listed for 60c each. If that is too low please let me know.


Chaltiin (exo) is still up for a couple hours isn’t it?

EDIT: 1 hour: [Chaltiin] --[T4 - Inhospitable Lush Color-Cycling Exoworld]-- [Active]


Bummer I will miss that one. I can’t get on for 3 more hours.

Oh yes I’ve been there before. I think it’s near my portal “Autumn”. Not worried about coins, I’d probably sell you them for 30 lol…

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Thank you so much!!!

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@Simoyd is there a different command for finding exos on the discord now?

I just use this:

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If you are on the TNT, PS or EZPZ Discords, they have dedicated channels for new Exoworld posts. Those posts are from the same source Simoyd linked there. If the latest message in the channel is an expired world, there are no Exos.

You can also check the Exoworld category. @Gorillastomp and I are in the process of automating Exoworld posts, so that category should stay up to date from now on. We are still in the process of testing, but Chaltiin should automatically be marked as “Inactive” within 15 minutes of it expiring.

Then when there is a new Exoworld, a new post should automatically be made with in ~1 hour of it being created. The ~1 hour is because it is untested, once we are 100% it is working correctly, it will be within ~5 minutes of it being created going forward.

EDIT: Awesome! The script did work, Chaltiin has been automatically marked inactive!


We should get a constant stream of exos… Well that how it been published.


Thanks I’ll look for these posts. Hoping for a new goo laden exo :pray:

I filled your basket with goo
Lots of different colors though, sorry about that

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Thank you, I’ll will make room in it for more goo once I get off work

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