Any french and english speaker here?

I’m trying to explain to a newer person how the portals work and to give advice on how to do it, but I can’t get much more than some very basic stuff across. He’s not quite sure how portals work and I don’t think he’s aware of how to link to a portal network and use it. He’s instead attempting to connect to a place 20 blinksecs away with a 2x2 portal and I’m not sure if he understands that he’d need 18 conduits and that it would be very expensive to fuel it.

Would anyone like to meet in game to help this guy out?

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sure, where?


We’re near the Sochaltin I TNT hub. I’ll meet you there. He’s like 500m away from that


Thanks a lot, Lesioui. Everything’s sorted out and we got the guy a portal set up now.