Any homes/shops/factories for sale?

I’ve been playing for years, but I can’t ever figure out what to build. Or manage to finish anything I start. It just ends up a pile of machines and storage.

So I’m curious if there’s a real estate market of any kind?

I’ve been saving up coin, but I have no idea how much is a lot. Or if people with nice builds even need coin.


I can help you build a shop/factory if you like :blush:

Well, i was thinking of doing something like this (selling lots) but i dont think there is a real estate market at least i didnt find anyone buying stuff so i didnt rly bother building much for others

I’m interested. My time in game is pretty unpredictable, but maybe we can figure something out.

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What style house are you looking for?
I’m always happy to lend my building services

Good question. I’ve tried my hand with traditional builds, but boundless has so many options that simple house’s seem like a waste.

You could say the potential is… boundless?


I have a build i’ve been thinking of selling. It Doesn’t have machines or Storage. But I built it with areas for such. I havn’t actually tried to sell it because I’d like the prestige to stay in the city. If we can agree on that, i’d be glad to sell it.

Its about 1 mil prestige.
458 Plots.
Storis II (USW)
Unfinished, but that means it’s perfect for your personal touch.

I built it with the idea to have a large shop on ground floor, a courtyard with duel staricases up to a grand hall, with 4 “Bird Cages” meant as specific workshop areas branching off the grand hall, each can hold 4 fully coiled machines with you in the center. Ive never been very good at fine details so there is some to be desired but it has good bones. It was built on water and has room around it to expand.


I see what you did there :slight_smile:


@Hashmalash this what you should do in Ultima build then sell builds


Good idea. 10letters


Everyone has their own needs.
I do not recommend to buy a house.

It makes sense that some players are going to want to work as non-builders(probably either logistic designers or gatherers). Out of curiosity, at what cost do people normally offer building services?

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From the 3 builds I’ve bought they were all done by size. 2 were done by the same person. He no longer plays tho. The other is still a wip as they don’t play much anymore either :sweat_smile:. Also payment was given after the build was finished.