Any hunts today/is there a weekly hunt planner

im in a few discord groups for boundless most groups have a hunt announcement but its normally run by bots and only tells u about hunts that are happening like an hour before they start do people plan these hunts ahead of time and post them anywhere? just trying to take part in alot of hunts i hate missing them they been bringing me alot of fun lately

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Yeah the hunt bot is helpful for things about to happen but is hard to plan game time around. I’d suggest asking the hunt leader in game, many groups hold to a schedule, and some have that schedule posted in their group’s discord, or their group’s hunt lobby build in game.

I wish I could give you more specifics but I’m not as active right now so i simply don’t know for sure who is leading them at the moment.

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It is run thru the bot but is manually entered by the player at the time you see it.

At Dragon Hub there’s a “back hall” area that has the hunts board posted.


It’s not run by a bot, people manually send that out. Usually they include…

Hunt Leader Name,
Hunt Planet Name,
Environmental Protection
Closest Planet,
Best Bows,
And where to meet up at.

We will be updating this aswell as some hunts are not occurring at this time and i kep forgetting to update it lol thanks for reminding me its there

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yes but its normally only sent like an hour before the hunt starts so it kinda comes out of nowhere hard to prep for it

It is sent when the person sends it out. Most send it out twice before the hunt. Once a few hours before and usually within an hour before. As I stated and Vicious restated it is not set to a timer. It is manually triggered by the individual. All the bot does is send it to all the discord servers that are connected to the bot.

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