Any news on the reset yet?

do we have an offical knowing yet? or is it still ~a week

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It’s like 3-4am in the UK, prob’ gonna take a while before we hear anything.

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Barney is UK himself lol :rofl:


Indeed :laughing:

My guess is we will get an update when they get to the office :slight_smile:

Pretty sure its now just past 10am now… Maybe they need their morning coffee via a funnel to speed up the long day ahead?

Unless I am wrong to assume that;

would mean later that afternoon, or the next day… but then again ive just taken this out of context when the original post actually says;

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exactly then why does everyone keep scream *reset is 13th woooo

(now if all you guys know it was said … shortly after…)

See what i did there?




yes this thread was a troll thread this time (i admit it :stuck_out_tongue: ) but also just for fuun and information

If we all know what the forum states then… LOL

Then why do you troll? It doesnt do anything good for the game. If anything it only spreads confusion.

why does anyone do what they do? why does no one listen?

why does every get hyped that its today? even though it is explained in various posts and threads that it was only ever going to happen shortly after

Why is anything done at all (wrongly- or sarcastically… or as a joke or anything else) in the world…

flag this thread if you like i don’t mind… i told you i was trolling to show you how my trolling looks…

So never confuse my hehehe with… * walk on my bridge and i will eat you*

Oh sorry… not body can read context online (why do you think i now say on most of my replies/posts haha… only joking… i dont mean to offend but… am i sure i understand correct…

(i have muted because i have nothing else to say on the matter…d eal with it… or dont)

Like i said.
Spreads confusion then runs away.

oh sorry did i forget to mute? :wink:

i am making a point of why you are all confused in the first place? if you have an issue with who i am please read that thread or send me a PM some people who know me in game have always said…

wow… your such a nice guy on voice and in-game… why you so different on the forum???

Its because the way my mind works… now good day

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Closing this - Please keep any issues with individuals you may have, off the forum.