Any one have Black marble?


Anyone have any black marble for sale?


I got like 2 marbles Free


You can find all the marble colours at Sweet Marble (Kindred Bay, Sorissi).
You can easily reach the shop by the Ultima Hub (Sorrisi) portals.


You have no black left :sweat:


Eh eh I didn’t say that I was the owner of Sweet Marble^^
I used to own the marble shop but I sold it to Boltrix.
I’m the one who runs Sweet Candy, the gleam shop fyi :wink:


You can find some in your mall Pfft Pfft Pfft jokin lol I saw some there


You know where? Remember which shop?


Found it nawty chan


It’s called the dedshack blue area 59 75c and I’ll give you 100 for a :cookie: if you want it nawty-chan