Any public hunts today?

Any overview of when public hunts are on , and is there one in the near future ?
Usually stock up on ort during Gleam Bow , but didn’t have time last one

There are usually several public hunts per day. If you join one of the many discord servers that advertise the public hunts, you can see announcements every time a hunt is planned. The broadcasts usually announce an hour or two in advance and then give reminders up until the hunt starts. These servers are run by various guilds or you can join the official boundless discord too:

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The discord doesen t Work since several days for me for hunt annoucements…

The daily hunt 18h cet time is Not on mondays there is nö Leader for this day what i ve heared.

But If the intrest is there i would try to get a hunt started , we could do a hunt on my T6 sov Planet so there would be Something new for all who are participating.

Greetings Turrican2006

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Yeah, the Protector Venari bot has been broken for a little bit due to new permission rules added by Discord and Simoyd has not had the time to fix/update it.

Right now, it is probably best to join the Discord of the specific time slot you want to join. The most common and consistent hunts are (all may be +/-1 hour due to DST ending):


Thx for the Channel s

What iv e hered seems to bei right this is what i found

Only monday is no hunt