Anybody buying large quantities of titanium?

I have maybe half a shop stand to unload. I see on “BUTT” that there are 8c to 12c baskets with enough capacity to buy these, but I’d happily hand trade it.


Titanium bar or ore?

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bar, sorry

Oh I’ll take some, let me see how much can I afford.

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Sure. 8c ok? kinda the bottom basket price, but I don’t have to run anywhere. I’m open to negotiation on smaller quantities and pricing… I’ll probably just give it to the guild otherwise… well, I’ll give the coin to the guild, but I’m trying to do that selling thingy

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A buddy of mine is getting as much titanium as he can

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Ok, how much they want? And thank you for responding!!

How much do you have, I sent him a text, but if he doesnt get back to me I can grab a bunch tonight

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I can buy 5ss at 8c if that is ok :slight_smile: we can meet at TNT

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Sure I’ll be on later tonight, in 4 hours maybe. Is that ok?

Sure! cya there then

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At least 6 stacks available, maybe 7. is this something that he would want a lot more of?

Hard to say, he I’d making machined and I dont know how much, it’s been a lot of mining and crafting so far, he might not want to part with the coin, I’ll have to find out

Do you have gathered/hunted mats to trade? hopper eyes/thermal sacks/cores, feathers, orbs, inky leaves, bitter beans, spicy beans, spitter eyes, …etc

I would have to look at our inventory, but that wont be for probably another 7 hours(10pm eastern)

np, I can hold some for you until you figure it out
… and I get more all the time