Anybody have lovestruck wings and gladiator mask?

I’d like to see them as a combo if anyone can post a screenie please. They seem relatively feminine, albeit less than the others, but I’m thinking there’s a chance they could pair well with cooler stuff.


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Another thing is how it pairs with different head pieces, since it grows up over the temples. I have them on an alt with crescent type of head and on one without a head piece. Wondering if it looks cooler with other types.

Will probably play around with the look of my alts to check when I’m back home.

One of my alts has the gladiator mask so I may check how it pairs with wings on him.

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Yes and that is what I have on lol

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One sec I’ll show you mine

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Hi Thor’s dad :sweat_smile:


Took the pic with my phone sorry for the poor quality

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Hahaha I was just about to say looks like Odin. That’s really cool actually @Savior thanks!


Lol yep. I love this mask and when I seen the wings I just knew it would bring some myths to life!

Bad to the bone


Wings are cool and all. But I donno what I’d give up between my gleamicorn horn, my gleamshades and my beard…

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Whose floating build is that on the right in the second pic?

@AlexxChristo floating neighborhood, there are multiple builds up there

How do u get up there? Lol I’ve never been

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You need wings :joy:


I forget the main way but Capn’s House has a portal on the east side of our T6 hub