Anybody know jibjab?


hey i didn notice my beacon for storage in workshop and now its claimed by
@jibjab i would like this back if possible :frowning:


That’s pretty BS that someone would willingly do that.

Hope @james or @luke-turbulenz can help if that Jibjab peson doesn’t get in touch with you.

Since you can’t take the guy in the thread, it could be an alt of someone’s.


i did put up a sign free rooms maybe he was thinking it was one off the rooms in his defense but it is pretty obvious its part off my workshop
i put a sign in front off his place so he can read i want it back


Just got back from the gym… I’ll hope in game and check it out.

We really need better communication in game. I want mail boxes already!!


i just want beacon fuel reminders :slight_smile:


Join me in bugging James about it :grinning::grinning::grinning: