Anybody know who Patientos is?

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Kind of a message to whoever is Patientos, I’d like to know why you built a portal right next to me in the cave system that’s connected to my desert base. It’s a little worrisome to wonder if someone is basically going to try and make a big build basically in my backyard. I suspect this person is an alt character since I’ve seen nobody on Discord or on the forums with this name.

I’ve claimed the plots around it to prevent further expansion for the time being until I can get more of an idea as to what the intention is in making the beacon in the first place. If it was merely to have access to all the surface resource nodes in the cave system, then cool. Cave dive to your delight. I am just pretty protective when it comes to the space around where my builds are. It’s exactly the reason for why I build away from everyone else.

I just want to open a line of dialogue and figure out what’s going on is all.


Hurry upgrade to Oortian and claim all the land xD

Joking aside, I just don’t want someone who isn’t willing to reach out to me first and build something right next to me just because the plots are unclaimed. It would have been nice if I was at least approached about it.

The person is using refined rocks, lustrous timber blocks, creme colored gleam, a portal to a locked door. So to me this person knows what they are doing and that’s why I want to talk to the person cause right now they can’t expand from their 1 plot column space.

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Makes sense I ran into a similar situation in the beginning but that was before I was an active member of the forums. I claimed the top of a large open area with a friend there was a couple small builds around I feel bad when I think about it. Honestly though every area I have grabbed I always use lots of plots better safe than sorry. Not everyone is going to want to talk and what not unfortunately. /= Good luck!

I know who he is.

Care to share?

Can hit me up in thh cave workshop now. Not going to spread stuff on the forum