Anyone else feeling Dizzy while Oorting?

Hi guys,

I realize that after playing Oort for more than 1 hour im starting to get dizzy. Maybe a little Nausea.

I wanna know if its just me or anyone else, because im not used to have this kind of problem when playing games, And its happening just with Oort. I think it has something to do when i watch a blurried far landscape

PD: I dont have any ocular disease or something like that, perfectly healthy eyes.

No problem here. Maybe it is the way you are manipulating the camera?

Consider turning off depth of field and/or headbob. Both can cause dizziness if you’re prone to motion sickness.


Also try turning off the texture blend. That blurriness bothered me.


I second turning off Depth of Field. It doesn’t make me dizzy, just screws with my head…


k, thanks guys, ill try all

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Some Field of View options might also help - they’re on the todo list.

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