Anyone fighting?

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Heho players & developers,
just accidentally (:grinning:) found this game on steam.

The games graphics look incredible, and I am always keen about playing early access games in their early days.
The amount of content also seems quite decent for the state of development and updates seem to be ongoing fairly constant.

The only reason why I didn’t hit the buy button right away and the reason why I popped into the forum is that i didn’t find anything (besides of suggestions) about the pvp in the game.

long story short. Is there pvp? How is it? And if not,will there be any?

PvP is not implemented yet and I do not think it is close to being implemented either.

as far as I know its not even a plan for 1.0, only for after the full release and even then pvp is going to be a rather secondary feature in the game (pvp areas or maybe pvp worlds) with main focus on character progression and guild competition for prestige

May be a dueling feature eventually, it’s not off the table, but also not confirmed. Basic combat is still being fleshed out right now, so even if we had pvp, it would be fairly lacking in complexity and strategies. If you are a pvp focused player, you should consider holding off on buying the game for now.

But, if/when pvp IS implemented… I’ll sock you right in the gob, I will!


Cat fight! Meoarow … pfff pffff


Thanks for the replies guys, I think I will be better off sticking to ARK then.

Incidentally, Havok40k, I don’t mind lackluster combat mechanics in pvp. I have had a blast on pvp minecraft servers back when it was still in alpha as well.

Farewell and best of wishes dear pve-ers :grin: