Anyone for chess?

Castle -

Pawn -

Knight -

Bishop -

Queen -

King -


You can never stop with these cool games. Although I reallly like chess, I’m not sure whether I can help at all, being if you need it.

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No worries, I’m still figuring out how I want the pieces to look so even I’M not sure I can help at the moment :smiley:

I’m currently doing the pawns and am on the 3rd version of them. I think I’ve got the right look now!

The first post has been updated with new progress.

@Opulus Wanna animate it?

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will it be animated or stop motion?

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@Opulus is the master of animation.

no one metioned @mittekemuis and me ._.

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Sorry @Predatoxic & @Mittekemuis. I couldn’t remember who else was involved.

The knights have been added now.

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And now complete.

So now we just need someone who wants to use the next month on actually playing a game while taking pictures so we can get a nice movie out of it :stuck_out_tongue:

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No way I’m gonna do this ~

@Kerpie It’s actually Stop Motion what I did. So every single Figure would have been destroyed and recreated every single move. Also this is chess, and this big figures… hah… well maybe over an whole weekand with at least 4 people (me included) and only if those 4 People would help the whole weekend, with nearly no breaks like we did it in my Tetris Video. but even then I guess we won’t get further than lets say 3 minutes 3 and a half if we’re fast.

Maybe we could use 6-8 people then we’ll make up to 4:30 mins I guess. But its hard work and it gets boring real quick.

Edit: I just looked closely at those Pictures… even with 8 people we’ll make only 3 mins max…

Edit 2: Wow this thread has 21 Edits :smiley:


Each chess square is 10x10 and with the exception of the pawns, the bases for each piece are 4 along the main edges and 1 connecting them.

The reason for the number of edits is because after I updated the first post with new pictures, the system then automatically uploads the picture to the site and edits the post with that version instead. The number of actual edits is far fewer.

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The actual Dimensions dont help. Now I really dont want to do it :smiley:

Haha yeah, I typically build my creations as landmarks rather than for animation purposes :smiley:

I need you to bug the devs until they break about making this board actually playable. Then you should make checkers on the underside of this board.

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I was thinking about how great it would be to have it playable.

@james @ben Any chance of this in the future?

As for the underside being draughts/checkers, it would have to be timed, the board is sitting on water :smiley:

The quickest game of checkers ever, either you manage to win or everyone drowns.

Board games! This needs to happen post-1.0

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It’s as if you read my mind!!

Well not really :stuck_out_tongue:

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