Anyone from the Shire/Hubbit Network on here?

Hiya neighbors!!

I’m the guy with the Portal to High Ridge, just down the path from your Shire portal to the main Storis Hubbit hub, on the lake.

Love your portal, love your hub…but you are in DESPERATE need of signage. Signs on the paths pointing to the portal, a sign over the portal indicating where it links to.

I do my best by loading up my little plot with as many signs/directions as possible, but I can see people getting a little lost once they leave my place.

The more I use Hubbit Network the more I like it.

@Lollash 10chars

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I meant to look for names on beacons yesterday, but I forgot.

I know my neighbor resculpted so our “lawns” flow nice together, which is cool.

I am your neighbour btw.

My base is kinda of a mess at the moment, lost a bit of drive the last two three weeks due to IRL, will be back and set up it nice and well :wink:

The one with the black gravel or the one at the end of the road?

I hope you are getting good use out of my portals. :slight_smile:

I want to talk to whoever owns that little strip of land along the lake next to our plots. It would be neat to extend the road that direction. I’d take over the plots or even build it for him/her if I was given permission.

If you ever need to coordinate something with me, just let me know!

Yeah, the one with the black gravel.

extending the road over the middle of the lake were you kinda pointed your gravel road towards?

Those would be my plots over the little land bridge.

Oh! Yeah those, lol. Unless you object. Your plots, after all.

Not across the middle of the lake, just where the ratty looking dirt is there, between what looks like the main lake and a little wading pond.

Anyway, I plan on playing a lot tonight when I get home from work. If you are on, say hi! Otherwise, I’ll make sure I have a mailbox set up there so we can talk back and forth.

I’m in europe so it is getting late-ish for me, can pop up a mail box the next few days and we can have a chat.

I think i know which way you mean.

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I’ll build an arrow. :smile:

Hey, glad you are enjoying the network! To be clear, you want better signs to get people from the local portals area to the main hub?

You’ve got one main sign that faces perpendicular to the road. Nothing on the building or above the portal. You could also use one on the bridge before the uphill path or at the base of that hill.

Go to my portal at the lake (to high ridge) and turn around. There are no markers at all along the way to tell folks such an important portal is up ahead.