Anyone good at creating asymmetrical trees?

I need some help creating a mid sized a symmetrical tree for the center of a park area.
Everytime i try it looks crappy.
i want it kindof like a willow - like drooping down.
Let me know! :smile:

Not sure if it’s the best angle, but this could be a potential template

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Im not saying the one you linked was fantastic, but my attempt wasnt much better
i think im doing it wrong LOL
so yeah, i still need help :laughing:

What is your server and coordinates? I’ll pop in and see if I can’t get something going for you if you’d like.

Adding some roots coming out of it will definitely improve it

I think you added a bit too much leaves on the bottom of the branches and too little on the top of them. I have some trees in my plot on Lemde:
like this
and this