Anyone have window examples or suggestions?

For large windows. I just placed turquoise glass in one and it didn’t look good. Maybe I need to mix it up with something else or add foliage…any suggestions? Thx :blush:

Add: they are 4x4, and I am using light color concrete

try mixing with stylish and/or decorative glass to mix it up
sth like a cross in the middle of the window made of stylish and plain in the rest of space

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:point_up_2: That would look cool! Or maybe put the darker of the light colors around the edge as a border, then something a bit lighter in the middle?

Here is how I’ve been doing windows recently. I prefer stylish glass and don’t care about opacity much. I also like to trim the windows with wood.


My favorite window color is Stark Tan. It’s got just a bit of tint and really looks good when light hits it

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I tend to make a border around the glass, either brick, concrete or wood. Usually chisel them to be as small as possible, and the colour is different than the walls…

Like here:


How big is the window in your pic?

4x4 blocks, I square chiseled most of it away so it appears to be a half block in size, also since it’s at the same level as the outer wall the top half of the block is gone too so it’s like there is a windowsill of sorts

(at least I’m assuming this was a question for me?)

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I might come take a peek at this later :+1:

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You can see it more clearly here:

And at the bottom floor I used a different way, with a bevel chisel all around it…


I also always use outer walls that are 2 blocks thick, so I can chisel half of it in some way that give it more detail and/or allows me to do something nicer with the windows…

(plus I can use a totally different colour on the inside if I want to!)

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I’m liking the windows you made… great work!! :slight_smile:

PS… may have to borrow that idea sometime :wink:


Oh sweet, I’m in the market for some energy efficient windows! sic

Personally I like to use two glass panes back to back but I know some prefer full thickness glass blocks for their better energy efficiency.

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