Anyone here know how to run a VPN?

I’m spitballing here, but does any boundless fan have no current connection problems, own a server capable computer and have a good internet connection? Could be anywhere in the world really.

Perhaps this magic unicorn person wants to download and set up some sort of VPN for us all to play boundless on temporarily? Does a VPN actually route all the traffic using its own bandwidth? Donno how these things work exactly.

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All data is routed through the VPN server, doesn’t seem likely that someone has the ability to provide such a service with their home connection, if that’s what you meant.

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Ah well, it was just an idea :blush:

I wouldn’t trust a person with such a thing, If you want to play with a VPN I highly suggest trying a reputable company, z.B.

But I don’t think it will do what I think you are wanting it do.

What you need is person who provide a vpn with internet breakout. Only a VPN will not help because its virtuell PRIVAT Network.
Sure it is possible to provide it with a good VDSL oder calble connection at home.
The big Problem is you provide than Internet access for people you never See real. if they do something wrong in Internet than it is logged on your connection… Bad idea :slight_smile:

All this connection bs is killing my motivation to play the game again :frowning:

A VPN can help to get closer to the Server Location where you actual play most.
Lets say, you are located in Australia and want to play European Server, a good service provider vor VPN can give you the stability you need.
BUT can help, but does not mean it will help actually in your case.

I highly suggest never to use unknown service for such an VPN, alway get a contract with a trustful company. Thats for Security Reason, because if you use such an VPN mostly your whole Traffic will go through it. That means all your Internet Surfing, Instand Messaging or whatever. And if it is not a trustful company, you are always in danger, that these people can read your stuff. Well, that danger is everywhere, especially for not encrypted data transfer, but if you use a suspicious VPN service, the Dangerousness will raise exponential.

Why a VPN can help?
Boundless is very latency vulnerable.
The normal dataflow is routed over several routers, depending on your internet service provider and your location.
Do you have on your internet connection a general latency problem to some locations in the world, especially at your route to the Boundless servers, you will have massive problems to play.
Same can happen even with your VPN, because the VPN itself maybe takes the same route and has the same problems.
But if the VPN provider has a better connection between your home and their server, the connection is maybe more stable and has less latency, then your connection to the Boundless server will have a benefit and will maybe run smoother.
Thats because your Client send all the traffic through the VPN Tunnel and bypass this way all the routers inbetween, because your Computer will have a point to point connection to the VPN provider.

What VPN NOT can do?
It will not increase in any kind your internet bandwith!
Lets say you have a 50Mbit Downstream and a 10Mbit Upstream and you open a VPN will happen this:
Your VPN is a dataconnection itself, it is very small, but it takes Bandwith, even it is just 10kbit.
As soon you send or receive datapackets through the VPN, your VPN Bandwith raise for the amount your datapackets will need.
But simple said, even with a VPN, your Downstream will be max. 50Mbit and your Upstream stays at 10Mbit around.
Also your VPN can not have more bandwith than your VPN Provider will give you with the contract you made, even your Internet Connection can have more.
Also an VPN can not help in cases where your Internet Connection is in general too small for Boundless. If you have running other things, like streams or other people in your hours who does things with the internet, your connection is probably overused, especially the upstream of your connection can be a massive problem if it is very small and someone is just synchronising their emails.
So before you start to search for a VPN, be sure, your problems are not based on your own connection.
In my case it was a 32Mbit down with around 2Mbit up cable connection with 2 other people in my house who uses Internet. Since i changed to a 100Mbit down/40Mbit up fibre (last mile copper) connection, i am fine even at AUS Servers.

On what you have to look IF you want to use a VPN?

  • trustful and well known VPN provider
  • Read the Privacy Policy!
  • The Provider should match and support the laws of your country
  • VPN Providers connection to the Boundless Gameserver should be good/better than yours, Test it before you sign a contract to a paid service!
  • a good provider will have a good Support and Help section, where you get all to known what you need to set up your VPN connection

To have some suggestions to you is hard to say, you will need to test it, since every location is different. Maybe for some works a special provider well, it does not mean it will for you.

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Or devs could just fix the game.

Theres multiple people reporting this and i doubt the problem is in “your end” as commonly i see people responding.

We need somebody to tell whats going on and not just speculating AGAIN

They don’t own the internet, they can’t change something that is out of their control

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Im not a tech guy but updating hardware that runs servers sounds good to me.

The problem exists in the path from user to the server.

It’s like asking your boss to fix traffic in your way to work.


@Buugi and @Cuetzpalomitl
They surely can do stuff, because the high latency vulnerability of Boundless is something that impact a not so good connection very much. Other MMOs don’t have that problem and they have to transfer data too.
But i must point out, that Boundless is a sandbox game with many informations that need to get transfered between server and client.Thats a very huge difference between a themepark MMO and a player driven one.

Also they could test their datacenter locations.
Maybe a change of it would help to get more connection stability.
But to move to another datacenter is not a small thing. And it will eat much money and much debating with the publisher.
I doubt Wonderstruck have enough customer (us as player) to be able to pay such.
The game need much more publicity and stable playerbase to maintain all this stuff.

And here we are, to have connection problems means the player getting turned off of Boundless and new player will not continue to play or even to come to the game, if they read about before. But without player, no money for Wonderstruck…