Anyone interested in buying prebuilt bases? Shops?

I love building more than anything so I was going to randomly build some stuff then try to sell the plotted area to people. I figure the more logical step is to ask if anyone has a place they wanted to put up something (whether it be practical, just a design, statue, base, etc) but they either don’t have time or aren’t very creative, or just have expendable coin.
So that’s it. If anyone has their eye on a spot and need something built please let me know. You can provide building blocks or I can use my own thx.


I hire builders and stuff for things i want made such as workshops.
heres my discord OhGreatOne#4511. Usually i provide blocks and do you have any building i could check out

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I’m actually really interested as well now that I have enough coin / stuff to barter and have the land and ideas to do so.

I have a spot on my plots i could use your imagination on. Would pay to.

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Thanks for replies … I took a little break for red dead 2 so im just seeing these now. Biggles#6327 on discord. Add me