Anyone know water physics in this game?

looking for a hand figuring out water physics… building in Elop Portas trying to build a flooded dungeon… any input is greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

AFAIK water will flow up to 8 blocks on a flat surface. Dropping it down one level at that point will let it flow another eight.

However, it will only fill empty spaces with source blocks if there are source blocks on 3(?) sides of them. I suspect this is a measure by the devs to prevent griefing.

That’s about the limit of my knowledge on the subject, though I suspect the Elop Portas builders could talk your face off about it.

Edit: I retract my 'tarded. It only flows seven blocks, I tell you, SEVEN!

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I have worked lots with water and formula that will always succeed is 6 full blocks, than drop one. Beside bottom block you only need two blocks to keep water in bay. Those two can be slanted, but side touching the water must be full. When water spreads on leveled ground it will form a diamond shape.

Everything else can be designed to your wish.

Water will fall to nearest lower level but you can cut that fall off, and it will continue to run, after that you can remove cutoff block and it will now run in both directions. This is a bit tricky and I can’t draw right now will explain later.


Water will also take the most direct rout to the nearest drop but there is a way around this. By braking out each floor block that the water will sit on and rebuilding them (allowing the water to flow off each side before placing the next block) you can effectively create largish bodies of water. Though the 8 block spread rule still applies. This is how I created your 2x2 duct.


Grab @Spoygg or @Jeffrotheswell when they’re about. They love playing in the water - not so much in the lava…

@AmandaPan is working on the ducts at the moment, so you could ask her also.

I’m middling with water physics. I know the basics, but them guys do fancy chisels and such to redirect water. It’s quite impressive.

You could try ask @Xanotos too. He’s mostly off world these days, though he’s another water god (just check his house out)


thanks guys ill check it out when im back online! and ill be sure to try that Jeff!


Also if you mistakenly place a block that will make water spread and than remove it, water will stay spread out as if block is still there, in that case just add a few blocks around that place and it will trigger update to water, than it will fall back in place. This often happens if you have single column water and than place block that will make it spread to all sides. If you remove block water still stays like that. After that only solution is to add blocks until you add one just beside that atrocity :smiley:


Thanks for the clarification! I’m just adding to that by asking, if there is a way to transport water (I hate doing that but… like in minecraft!) :wink:


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You cannot currently transfer fluids, but there have been several discussions where the devs have indicated that this might be added in the future :wink:

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Not at the moment.

edit: if you want some fun with the water you can pick a place in Elop Portas beside aquaduct and ping someone to hook you up.

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Hi! Thanks for the update, guys!
Nah, not desperate for water… just thought a little pond and a bit of a river here and a little fountain there… nothing in particular. I can wait until the hint becomes reality. :slight_smile:

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