Anyone selling black gleam


Looking for black gleam, unsure on prices but im looking to buy about 100-200 of them


Hey man you’ve been good business and put up with some ■■■■ this week.

I only have 6 but swing by and they’re yours.


Hey thanks, i don’t mind buying it - ill be by in about an hour



Theres 20ish on a stand in my stall on new gouda. If im honest not sure i didnt just add a “well lol” if they sell inflated price. Only seen a few for sale and went for thr middle. I know its around 1k.

Wasnt sure what you had in mind price wise but happy to talk about it if interested


I think I got around 90 of 'm, how much would you pay for them? I was keeping them for future use but for the right price I might part with them :wink:


I’m good now, thanks everyone


I may have some you can have. :blush:


anyone else selling black gleam?


I could part with 50 blocks. Gonna be 1k each though


awesome sounds good. where can I find you?


Need more of them? Like I said, got about 90 iirc…


yeah ill buy em. Gyosha mall has Lx hammers shop theres a mailbox you can get a hold of me in game to make it easier


Ok, not in game right now and won’t be for a few hous, but once I do I will find it!