Anyone selling cheap chrysominter coils

looking to buy a few coils for cheap can anyone point me I the right direction

This is old data but doesn’t seem like there was any under 19k

There might be some willing to handtrade at a lower price point tho.

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Just wait til gleam botting gets nerfed lol. Be lots of cheap coils then…refinery too


Gleam botting?

I fully don’t know what this is im literally just wanting to sell load of random stuff I don’t need anymore

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I have a fully coiled chrysominter I can give you access to if you’d be interested

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I’ve got one coil leftover you can have free. I won’t be on for about 4 hours though

yes plz
I need to get rid of lots of stuff I don’t need

How many coils you need

however many is max I guess

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however many is max

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You have :cookie: s were are you

im on arie were u came to earlier

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arie u came here earlier today and looked round

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I just Boop’d you Mwahahaha

but u did not boop the snoot

Because it’s a repetitive and easy thing to script lots of bots are mining serp gleam, then it’s being refined into doors and minted for 100k+ an hour

ngl im not smart enough to script a bot to do anyting im trying to get through the game without exploits like everyone should


Where do you get the idea that people are scripting bots to do this? That goes against the rules, and if you have any proof of it, it should be reported.

Go to serp for any length of time :rofl:. I think a lot of people have seen more than one and they stand out very quickly.

I do also report those I see, but for everyone that goes another appears