Anyone selling gleambow foliage?

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I was looking for a particular colour (luminous red 227), but would also like to see what else in on sale.

I have private inventory, if you want to meet up. I can tell you what counts I have of what colors you are interested in.

where shall I meet you?

How many lum red you need, i got some left from an exo.

not sure exactly, maybe 1ss, but probably less

I got 500 that You can have.

Sorry for the late reply, that would be great, shall we try meet up or do you want to put them in a shop stand? I’m on now.

I can go on now.

At my base at ps circa hub, portal to heureka.

Sorry , have to go for tonight.

I have ALL of my gleambow stuff for sale, i didnt sort Any of it, but the items are from 5-10 coin at my MT Olympus shop on Pheminorum. Tnt mega hub go to phem and under the zeus statue is my shop :slight_smile: hope i have that color for ya


Hey Heureka, don’t think we are going to meet in game (i keep getting distracted by RL), is there any way you can put them out in a shop stand. Don’t mind paying however much as not sure ill find it anywhere else. x x

Thanks, not found what i was looking for but may buy a few bits anyways :slight_smile:

Great Zeus statue btw, first time I’ve seen it…

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