Anyone selling Ort?

I sell oort shards for 18c in most of my stores. I haven’t had time to do much meteor hunts so I only have a couple hundred per store typically. My suppliers of oort haven’t been able to keep up with demand, so right now I’m trying to do a few solo hunts to keep the portals open for a couple days at a time. I also have baskets that buy it, but that isn’t what you are looking for lol.

My main store (Fif Land) is in the Aquatopian sunken city, Ash village exit if you use the metro, I have portals to PS lamblis, DK’s tree in Ultma eshero base, Chisel town, and one to the hub area of the Aquatopian sunken city. Shards are in the crafted section upstairs in the main store, and the other stores only have things on the first floor, normally around warp/portal conduit.

Edit: my other stores are all chained via portals as well, but the connecting one is in midguard, which will cost one point of protection for the coal atmosphere of Delta Cancret.

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