Anyone selling Ort?

I’m looking for anyone selling Ort.

I ran around Gyosha Mall & several other malls/markets looking to buy some…very little oortstone for sale :open_mouth:
It also looks like the price is creeping up


guess I gotta hunt Meteors :sob:

I’m planning to open a oort store soon I may invite other hunters to join so there is enough oort supply.

Will post about it when it’s done :smile:


I’ll join up I need the Ort

How much oort you need, I think I have some for sell but I’ll have to check later I’m not close my computer now

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We is about to hit the Great Depression times. The banks have done rolled up their oort supplies and not allowed the people access their lootboxes. Because of this we are sure to see ports being shut down one by one until it’s just tumbleweeds rolling through them. The Power of the Oort is about to show itself. :exploding_head:

What’s your price? I could use some too.

Have baskets up for 191c and even that is not getting much action… 1.6m in there!

I think it’s not the price but the location, I usually run for an hour looking for request baskets that pay around 170 and 190 but there are tons of stores it’s impossible to check them all

That’s why I want to build a store only for oort lol

Let me check how much I have left and will come back with a price

A few smart stacks

I’m selling about 10k shards at my alder shop in fireborn

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What’s the price??

13c each , the equivalent to 180c a stone

I just break them into shards for the exp

At portalis observatory


Nova Golda Market on Trung, quite popular tho…


sorry for advertising in your buying post sometimes by the time i browse through several people’s comments I forget it’s not a general conversation/commiseration thread.


It’s alright

@molav trying to find your shop but not having much joy. Could you be a bit more specific please?

Does Alutech sell oort?

I think there’s still Oort shards at Oort on a line, in Ultima City on Finata, but the prices are truly outdated, if memory serves.

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Yip, AluTech does sell Oort. Rough and shard.


There’s pictures too in the full comment

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