Aoe axes


Looking for iron and up aoe axes if you have any drop your location and I’ll buy it if it’s reasonable


sero’s place i have some just made diamond 3x3 1 shot t6 worlds


Three month old thread!

Anyway, if someone sees this and is looking for great AoE tools come to Original Forgeries at New Leyden Market!
Titanium AoE tools 2099c, gem ones 12999c.

Sometimes some silver ones as well!


Oh sorry @AeneaGames

Didn’t pay enough attention. I just noticed Boom and realized I had met him last night. Didn’t mean to participate in a thread hijacking. my bad


Oh don’t worry, you didn’t, this is not my thread (he did do so in my shop’s thread tho, lol), just wanted to add my plug for my shop in case anyone sees it since it went to the top again after 3 months!



Q-Mart is always the place to go for the Average Joe Tools. I got AOE, (AOE+Damage) Range, Iron and Titanium

From 2.5k to 7.5k. BEST DEALS AROUND <----- Because I keep Stocked…You can Trust Me… :wink:

Find Q-MART in Emporium Nocturne or the Legendville Mall


I have stock too :wink:


Shop Wars


Is that anything like Car Wars?


My cake shop fondant is sculpted into an Axe!


Next will be commercial posted here! Lol