Aquatopia Hub

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In light of the recent update I feel like people are complaining about changed crafting recipes and the longer grind for resources rather than issues that are actually serious.

The real issue in Boundless? The recent renovations to the Aquatopia portal hub/network. Yeah sure it’s way nicer looking, bigger, easier to understand, and overall better; but what overshadows all of this is that the portal for the US-West planets is based on Till. A planet that needs atmosphere protection. Every day as I go to market or other planets to grind endlessly on my alt I claw my way into the portal and then stumble around blindly, suffocating, and dragging my self along the walls in order to not get lost, all just to find my desired portal and then wait for it to load as I struggle for oxygen.

While yes, the 199 update introduced some “fun-nerfs,” we have to keep the real issues in the forefront of our minds. This is a trying time for Boundless citizens galaxy wide, but we will prevail.

“Ask not what the planets can do for you, but what you can do for your planets” - Boundless Player Somewhere

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I’ll let Hash know. I don’t think any of us in Ultima Hub were aware of Till requiring an atmosphere protection skill. We will see how we can fix this issue.

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actually i was awere of this. as i stated in other post it was though decision but inevitable unfortunately. because of the main worlds being always full i had to move it to less populated planet, which was Till. i am awre that is not easy to navigate there for new players, but if u add 1 point in blast protection u will have very good visibility. at some point u will have to put points i that anyway. as for testing before i opened this gate i created myself a new character to check if it will be very hard to navigate. i have to admit its not easy, but its not tragic. im thinking of a way to highlight portals so ppl without protection will have easier to navigate. :slight_smile: i hope this will solve the problem

Didn’t realize that was where it was. I have only traveled through that with my miner that had the point in already. Guess I will avoid it with the alts. Their skill points are too needed else where at the moment. I get the why it was done though. Maybe with some of the new planets I heard were coming soon it can be moved at some point. Especially once the devs fix stuff.