Aquatopia looking for hacker hackres

hey if anybody know @hackers our @hackres he claimed our public factory
we would like it back i know its our own fualt but i forgot to track it and owner just got a new baby :smile: so we would like to have it back
if you feel like this is a gamemecanic and we got no right to ask for it back
please consider giving back our building so we can reuse it to help the comunity :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:
please keep in mind that this build is to help newplayers to machines and power early in the game and not for our own benefit


Question- why do you assume that bots are involved?


i dont could be a macro ive seen him using plotter for longtime standing on same spot but now i was looking into hacker and it looks like he does this constantly what ive seen in my opinion is a row off portals leading from reclaimed to reclaimed build and a bunch off hastly build storage rooms
stuffed with stuff i know hes doing nothing wrong it feels like it shouldn be possible i also see the other side like we also reclaim parts off our city to reuse and maintain it so this is complicated stuff but still feels very wrong to me (even if i can be acused off the same although we first contact owners as much as we can and use the resources for the comunity
so there should be a way to fix this system maybe a way to delete beacons but put items on standby maybe

btw @Havok40k i realized that screaming bots on forum was very wrong allready and took it out off the context before you could point it out :smile:
my bad just saw i had it on the other post to :wink:
fixed it


He’s on the PS discord. He’s been on a couple hunts.


let me be clear, I don’t think he’s abused anything or done anything unfairly. Just trying to help you communicate with him.


yeah fualt lies completly with me not paying atention thx for the helpz

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