Aquatopia Looking for project manager expanding the love ❤️

Looking for a person our à group to create a complete new town outpost to be build on niazedka our à planet close-by cause aqua looking to expand you will be helped with materials manpower etc by the aqua team ff and stuff we don’t want all we require is that it be run under the aquatopia group a super portal frame will also be provided in our main center on niazedka we also looking into buffs atm hence the expansion the more people we join the better the buffs the settlement must also include a group build project where all Aquatopians can help on something epic offcoarse one requirement is that the town can’t be centered around a hub we rather have portals that lead to the homes in the town so its new player friendly


We gotta work on moebs writing skills.

Lf project manager
Job: Do the job
Anything else: No