[]++++||=======>aquatopian knights faction

Its free for all we set up a faction book in our newly build hunterslodge wich is ready for all a hunter faction need join now we will note our discord eventplanner hunts there aswell
you can also join without being in the faction since you can see when we meet inside the lodge
more info coming soon we just started today
our motto is UNITED WE FIGHT :sunglasses:
we allready looking into a buff machine but we need your help
members are also alowed to adapt the building to there needs this is just a template to start from we probably put the buff machine on the roof soon


location at aquatopian embassy hub onbeckon
at the infocenter thats at the embassy hub go right walk 4meters bam you there i added led sign to catch attention

big thanks to the creator/designer crew from our arte intera faction (info coming soons)


gonna try post the current hunts soon on our infowall just waiting on signs

You forgot the hot tub :sweat_smile:

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install the heating first :smile: