Architects Assemble! (And people who want ideas what to build)

We should have forum thread where people that like to design new buildings and things can communicate and hopefully share ideas in order to create even more versatile and awesome stuff.

Also people who´d like to built something, but don´t have ideas about what or where can ask for ideas and tips here.


This is a great idea. Perhaps we can designate a world as a “Showroom” as well, where all our Oortchitects can build samples of their work?


I love your idea @DarkRepulsor ! :smiley: I want hear if somebody is up and ready for showcasing own craftsmanship and ideas they had.

I have quite simple project in terms of size that I just started, but landscaping and basic ground work will take some time before I can show you anything and maybe someone will have ideas or suggestions what to add. Project is currently named as “Gothic style church and guild building”.

Now, please submit your ideas and requests meanwhile as I will try to get something to show to you and get things started.

Was playing with applying integrated wall-lighting the other day, here are some tests:

DarkRepulsor Wall 1 - Columns

DRW1-COL has an upscale look and is great for public-facing buildings; markets, govt offices, hotels, etc.

DarkRepulsor Wall 2 - Bulkhead

DRW2-BUL has a more industrial / scifi look and is great for more secretive locations like warehouses, thieves dens, ports, etc.


I do hope they leave the light “glitches” in there so we can do cool backlighting like this in the future.

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Fellow random Oortian asked me in game to build building of some sort in world Gortnen and I found this spot (green box) no too far away from capital beacon:

Nature of request and spot I found soon after made me think of something like Suzzallo library in Seattle:

Because I´m not doing this project for myself, I want try to create same building as realistically as I can into Oort Online within limitations of game.

Now things get tricky as I try to explain rest of my cool drawings that I made with ms paint and touchpad:

Green box was just the area.

Red lines mark the size of building that I measured and it´s smallest size needed to build that design.

1 yellow line is approx size increase with every increase in measurements

Drawings made with blue are just simple design lines how could possible bridge look like and orange/black are just future planning if owner wants to have another building like church on higher ground near.

My thoughts about possible location and building. What I really want to know from other Oortians is will you hunt me down every day of rest my days if I will build something that is 100% copy of something :wink:?


I mentioned the idea of viaducts and aqaeducts. Especially aquaeducts would be a dream for me in this game. Saw some builds which went into this direction already :))) The idea was to transport items in a stream of water. Water, as it is in Minecraft and Oort disolves into ground after a few block lengths. This could be solved by adding a pump array, which has to be repeatedly placed at the stream of water.
Also - very important tweak - One could give different material the possibility to be waterproof. So could clay builds open up the option of creating a ongoing stream of water. A clay aquaeduct therefore could prohibit the feature of water vanishing into ground. :))))


The “Creations” thread is what we currently use for this kind of thing, check it out!


yes I have been using the same technique. Gives a building enough light but doesn’t overpower

That is perfect, I love it.

I kind of imagine it being a department store setup, like:

Floor 1 Furniture & Flooring
Floor 2 Walls & Roads
Floor 3 Sculptures & Flora

Then the area surrounding it “the Grounds” are split up into Residential, Businesses, Guild Halls, etc!

etc etc something like that we probably need a big flat area though (like a desert or plains)


what about this



Just kidding, but that´s really nice image of building you have there. Maybe I add that cupola/roof to my project and those 2 towers to bridge that leads there. It also gave me idea of guild building that I have though.


once i get back on im designing a sort of, jack in the giant Olympus type build in ruchs
, going to be building large vines that house greek like homes that have been left to allow the vines to grow all over them, also designing a large tunnel slide tunnel system inside the vines for easy transportation between places, the top of the beanstalk will be somewhat hollow and twisted. the top will house something similar to this

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Okay, we need a world – something with a big, flat area. Any suggestions? Location scouts GO!

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Can’t upload a picture as I’m on my phone right now but nobody had brought up St. Basil’s Cathedral yet. Was thinking something inspired by that kind of architecture with some gothic/baroque stylings and a honeycomb/beehive pattern scheme would make for a really cool building

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Gortnen has a lot of flat fields, maybe it’ll work?

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I accidentally made this thing in Gortnen world, because I had idea of mansion, but it got larger and now I don´t have any ideas for what to do with it.:

I don´t have access to Oort right now so I can´t post more pictures, but it has same pattern all around it. Quite longish building so one could make it like large hall and have walkways on both sides like:

Anyway I was extremely bored at the time when I made it in Oort and just wanted to do something without any well thought plans. Now it hunts me in my thoughts while playing Oort and brings great shame to me that I just used that much good space with great view to build flat ground floor and left it there. I will try to demolish it once I have extra time, but does somebody find use for it or has plan that could possibly save this ugly building and turn it to awesome one?

For those who like building treehouses I leave this link

Silk can be used to make possible blueprints with little to no effort.

Links and examples:


If anyone is interested I have two rough sketches of future builds once im done with project spire.
It’d be nice to see how you guys will interpret this :smiley: