Architecture Skill

I think it would be really amazing if there was an architecture skill.

You would be able to level it up like any other crafting skill up to a point (apprentice), but after that it would be based on how your build projects are rated by players.
You would be able to register a building that you made, and when players get near it they would have the ability to leave a positive or negative ‘review’ of it.
positive reviews = more skill exp
It would be something similar to fame, and benefits would be maybe an increased block placement range, or being able to make/use architectural tools such as plans, laser guide things, and maybe even making design templates that you would just provide with materials and it would make itself.


I wonder if the beacons might be used to facilitate something like this. The reason being that there is no such thing as a building, there are just blocks with no real logical connection from a computer’s perspective. However, a beacon could be used to identify a collection of blocks.

I’d rather not have to trick players into coming by my properties in order to get likes. I do like the idea of getting exp from building, but I wouldn’t want building to be a skill you need. Maybe if each block you placed gave you a tiny bit of exp that would be cool. It would be nice to reward players for building cool structures though. That could be done with a weekly contest or something.


Building Contests will be hold anyway thats 100% sure already. ^^

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Architectural skill is very necessary. But not with represented system of reviewing.
This skill must give a talent for building planning. It may projected to a world like a help-tool.

I really dont see the need for architecture/building to be made into a skill. I mean yeah if we want everything in the game to have a system behind it then sure, but as of now the only skills you need for building are your own creativity and concepts of design. I really dont think it’s necessary to make building easier or harder for anyone. Everyone should be able to build what they want when they want. I suppose It has been mentioned that there might be skills to make building easier, and if we want to go for building lets go for those- double block capacity, hovering and place distance. Just dont make building into something you have to level up, because there’s just no reason to include levels in building.

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Question: What’s the point of a high architecture skill?

For one it would be kind of like fame, and there would be various benefits such as being able to place multiple blocks at a time, using architectural tools, etc.

Sounds cool :smile:

The idea of rating a building can be abused to some extent. Players might come to downrate it for no good reason, or spam likes on a 2 block building. Just like in spore back in 2010, a certain player received so many downvotes by a group of people(or person and bots), until he simply quit.

I like the other ideas of making building much easier, but leave “fame for exp” out of it.


Also, architectural skill can allow to install ghostlike edifice and auto-build it from chest. Good architect must have few autonomous builders :slight_smile:

After pondering this topic all day, I was trying to figure out what would be a higher skill reward if there was such a skill. Perhaps special curved blocks are the like would be a nice reward for being a superior architect. Just a thought…

However, I believe the original post was not about special abilities as much as having a contest, appreciation and recognition. In that context, I really like the idea of “liking” awesome structures I come across. It need not be a skill perk to be useful and rewarding.

Gallery on this forum is not enought? Liking is not ingame element. It will distract players from gameplay and will ruin atmosphere anyway

This is very similar to some ideas for blueprints we’ve seen. Again, I’m not against some of the features you’re talking about here, it’s the whole grind build for the ability to build more. It makes my favorite thing (building) into grinding for the sake of grinding, not real prestige or creative spirit.

An architecture/building is a must in a voxel game imho but I wouldn’t go rathing people builds in the game system itself.

I agree with Nyuudles this would be too much open for abuse. I do believe in the merit but more in the way of the amount of blocks you crafted/put down/mined
The wiki, youtube up loaders will be grading builds anyway if we are talking fame even the forum can a wall of fame :wink:

Absolutely agree with @Nyuudles and @Mittekemuis.
Well, it can turn into grinding (building) for the sake of grinding (leveluping), but only if we shall get exp.point by the fact of built. If we shall get exp by the fact of modeling only, it will be gr.FTSOgr. only in architect’s mind. Very realistic: if you want to be the best architect you need planning, planning and planning on a paper again.
Another chance: architect will get exp by agreed by another player, perhaps with relation of deal’s cost. And after the end of building.

Anyway we need ability to share blueprint of edifice to another players. And, may be, cooperal working with it. With possibility of learn mastery and teach for.