Are any textures final?

I’m just curious what textures that we have on blocks now will be the same or similar, and what will be changed completely. (and yes I assume debug isn’t a finished texture :P)

Trying to pick a good block set for a build but want to make sure it won’t get weird.

they are coming out with a huge texture change soon, but i think all of them are placeholders atm.

I think all the textures will have an overhaul.

The new grass might be a long-term asset somebody spent some time on that one.

Everything is changing soon. Next rev will be close to final.


Good to know, guess I’ll try to be patient and wait. Just really need a break from the air and want to build something land based soon :stuck_out_tongue:

the new textures looks beast though, you can see some of them on conflictnerd’s youtube and on their twitter + facebook.

when? D: I need to know :sob: